Headquartered in Trento (Italy), Cardioline is a leading manufacturer of on-site cardiology devices and services. Cardioline is also a renowned provider of cardiology-focused telemedicine, using proprietary online technology and software to offer remote testing and diagnostics for cardiologists, GPs & pharmacies as well as Clinical Research Organisations.

Thanks to an innovative product portfolio, Cardioline has built a strong competitive positioning on a global level. The company is currently rolling out its first software for clinical research trials with a focus on the ECG, that will allow cardiology core labs to make faster clinical trials whilst improving compliance.

Since its creation in 1962 under the name of Elettronica Trentina, the company has sold more than 400.000 devices in over 60 countries. In 2014, operating control is taken over by Cardioline S.p.A. ; with the arrival of industry veterans Fabio Rangoni and Sandra Antonizzi, growth has accelerated and the company sales have increased by approximately 20% annually over the past three years.

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