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ARCHIMED is focused on accelerating the development of healthcare industries and solutions to the benefit of people and patients around the world.

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average annual topline growth
of ARCHIMED companies.

We fund, support and scale companies whose activities contribute to improve health outcomes at all levels.

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Jeremy Wyatt

CEO of ActiGraph

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ARCHIMED funds healthcare industries globally.

ARCHIMED funds healthcare entrepreneurs’ ambitions while the EURÊKA Foundation funds charitable research programs on unmet medical needs.

€10M to 1B

investment size.
Through its discretionary funds, ARCHIMED invests between 10 million and 1 billion euros in leading companies.


managed assets.
ARCHIMED’s managed funds represent more than 6 billion euros of commitments.


ARCHIMED’s MedSeg is split into more than 400 sub-sectors, individually assessed by sector and Impact teams, and consequently prioritized in terms of investment focus.


Our Latest Investment

WiQo is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine. The company patented the world’s only needle-free chemical stimulation treatment for skin rejuvenation (PRX-T33). This non-invasive and painless treatment achieves the same aesthetic results as conventional skin peeling processes at a lower overall price point and without any of the recovery time associated with traditional methods.

ARCHIMED’s team supports healthcare entrepreneurs to accelerate their company’s development.


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ARCHIMED’s team supports the business development efforts of healthcare companies as well as helping vulnerable people to return to social and professional life.


average annual topline growth
of ARCHIMED companies.


growth rate.
ARCHIMED is accelerating companies growth rate by more than 60% compared to pre-ARCHIMED performance.


healthcare sectors.
ARCHIMED invests globally across 7 prioritized healthcare sectors.


Our Latest Exit

Founded in 1985 near Milan (Italy), Bomi Group is a Medtech and Pharma services provider offering highly skilled logistics services. Bomi has enjoyed significant historical growth and today offers cutting edge transport, warehousing and supply chain management services for healthcare companies.

ARCHIMED delivers superior returns to investors, and to society through the EURÊKA Foundation.

ARCHIMED provides superior returns to investors, allowing people a better life through their pensions and with more fruitful savings – 5% of ARCHIMED’s profit from carried interest is returned to the community through EURÊKA, ARCHIMED’s charitable foundation.



Top decile performers.
ARCHIMED’s first three funds MED I (2014), MED II (2018) and MED Platform I (2019) are at least top decile performers.


All ARCHIMED team members
benefit from carried interest (fund-based long-term incentive plan).

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that have sustainable investment as their objective.

Our Latest Project

The EURÊKA Foundation actively supports the global development of Clubhouse, an operator of non-medicalized day houses for the support of people with severe mental issues.